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A Simple Way To Sell People On Why They Should Care About You

You’re trying to write your cover letter but… it’s hard, right?

Or maybe you’re on a meeting with a decision-maker and this person asked why they should care about you.

Either way, you need to…

Go straight to the point

There’s no time to fool around.

This is NOT the time to try to do “small talk”, you know?

Like, asking “how you’re doing?” or “how’s the weather these days?”… you’re not there to check how he’s doing nor are you a meteorologist.

You’re there for a reason and that’s exactly how you should start your presentation.

The reason why I’m here is…

Going straight to the bottom-line will be appreciated by the decision-maker because this person is BUSY!

If they’re not busy, then they’re not a decision-maker on a mission to expand their business and turn it into an empire so… probably it’s a good idea to walk away anyway.

So coming back to your pitch, it’s time to be 100% clear – “My name is [your first name] and the reason why I’m here is to help you…” achieve a goal, solve a problem or both.

Watch this now

On this video, I show you how you can create a solid classic sales pitch that captures the attention of the decision-maker and makes you look like a pro in the process.

Let me know the results that you got by using this strategy, ok?



Author: Bruno Coelho

I help highly ambitious professionals sell their skills, their experience and the value of their work so they can get paid their true value. I use a mix of Sales, Marketing and Psychology skills, learned from the best in the World and applied to my own career, to deliver this result to YOU. Training is the only way that you can improve your ability to get better results. Take action right now and let's get to work!

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