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Brigitte Tohm

The Deadly Sins That You Should Avoid on Your Cover Letter

What follows next is my feedback to someone’s cover letter.

I’m sharing it with you because it might help you improve your own cover letter.

Anyway, here it is!


My first advice is…

Don’t rely on a single way of selling them on hiring you.

Bruno Coelho

Always FOCUS on the Solution | The Fundamentals of Delivering an Outstanding Customer Service

Regardless of who’s to blame, you got to keep focused on the SOLUTION!

More than that… you need to BECOME the solution! You literally need to be SEEN as a walking solution!

What I mean is that if you keep failing, of course that you’ll eventually collapse. However, if you keep focusing on getting BETTER and LEARNING and IMPROVING, you’ll win.

It really is that simple.

When your clients are freaking out, when your team starts panicking… YOU can become the one who is focused on what really matters – making it work.

No matter how much problems you’ll solve, guess what… there will be MORE problems to solve.

So you gotta keep focusing on training yourself to always coming up with new, innovative and more efficient ways to solve problems.

Bruno Coelho

Be Agreeable | The Fundamentals of Delivering an Outstanding Customer Service

Without common ground… without having something to agree on, it’s going to be hard for you to establish a line of communication with your audience.

On this video, I’ll show what I mean by “being agreeable” and why it’s absolutely FUNDAMENTAL in order for you to deliver a WORLD-CLASS customer experience.

Bruno Coelho

Attitude | The Fundamentals of Delivering an Outstanding Customer Service

Your ATTITUDE is one of the FUNDAMENTAL KEYS in order to deliver an OUTSTANDING customer service.

Bruno Coelho

The Magic Of Customer Service in the Software Development World

Let’s face it… ALL software has bugs, issues and problems.

Show me someone who says otherwise, and I’ll show you a bad consultant…

So if all software has bugs and even if it didn’t… even if you had this amazing piece of software with ZERO (NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE) bugs, wouldn’t you agree that someone had to ensure that the customers KNEW how to use that software?

Sooner or later, your customers will experience some kind of issue with your software. They will run into trouble!
So what will set you apart from your competition will be the way that you’ll HELP THEM WIN and overcome those challenges!

Who doesn’t love to feel like someone else is doing whatever it takes to help us being successful and overcome whatever challenges come our way? Well, that kind of experiences doesn’t happen by accident. These “magical” experiences happen because people with a CAN-DO attitude were hired and trained to deliver an OUTSTANDING Customer Experience!

On this video, I will show you the value of investing in training your people on delivering an outstanding customer service experience AND I will role-play a tough situation so you can see what I’m talking about.

Also, please share on the comments your own GREAT (and not so great) customer experiences.

Bruno Coelho

Interviewing The King Of Miami Real Estate on How Millennials Can Dominate Their Sales Skills

Bruno Coelho

Josh “AutoDisrupter” and Brad Lea on How To Sell Like a Pro

Bruno Coelho

Leonard Kim on How To Sell To Big Publications

Bruno Coelho

Matt Crane On How to Standout From The Sales Crowd

Bruno Coelho