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Resume Vs. Cover Letter – What is The Difference?

This a question that often comes up when I’m doing the By Me Journey coaching calls – what is the difference between the resume and the cover letter?

The goal of the Cover Letter is to sell them on meeting you in person so you can demonstrate how you can help them win.

The goal of the Resume is to sell them on how your experience and skills enable you to deliver the results that you promised on your Cover Letter.

Sometimes people even wonder if why they should even bother to write a cover letter.

Here’s some good reasons for you to do your best work on your cover letter

A Simple Way To Sell People On Why They Should Care About You

You’re trying to write your cover letter but… it’s hard, right?

Or maybe you’re on a meeting with a decision-maker and this person asked why they should care about you.

Either way, you need to…

The Reason Why You’re Not Writing Your Cover Letter and Resume

I help highly ambitious professionals sell their skills and get paid their true value.

I do 30 mins strategy calls with them and often they tell me that they’ve been delaying writing their cover letter and their resume… for days (sometimes even weeks)!

They think that they’re just lazy… but it’s not true.

Maybe this is happening to you too!

I mean… YES, I can think of PLENTY of things that are way more FUN than writing cover letters and resumes.

However, I’m here to tell you that LAZINESS is not the REAL reason why your levels of procrastination are HIGH.

How To Write a Cover Letter That Gets You Hired EVEN IF You Have Little To ZERO Experience

So you have little to no experience at all and now you’re wondering…

So let’s take Karlee as an example.

Karlee is struggling with the fact that she doesn’t have (yet) the credentials needed for a job that she want to get.

First, credentials are important because it allows the hiring company to filter the job candidates (saving time) and just focus on the ones that have the “right” credentials (degrees, certifications, etc…).

Now, having said that, the truth is that…

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Struggling To Write Your Cover Letter

I’ve been helping people sell their skills so they can turn their expertise into gold.

I stumbled upon a lot of people who are struggling to write their cover letters.

Maybe this is happening to you too.

The struggle is so real that some of you end up writing stuff like this

Brigitte Tohm

The Deadly Sins That You Should Avoid on Your Cover Letter

What follows next is my feedback to someone’s cover letter.

I’m sharing it with you because it might help you improve your own cover letter.

Anyway, here it is!


My first advice is…

Don’t rely on a single way of selling them on hiring you.