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Why You Should Not Follow LinkedIn’s Chat Suggestion “No Problem” (And What To Say Instead)

“No problem”.

The image above is from a LinkedIn chat and those blue phrases are LinkedIn’s suggestions as to what I could reply to my friend’s comment.

Now, here’s my problem with LinkedIn’s suggestion…

Why You’re Not Asking For Help

“I was too embarassed to ask for your help.”

That’s what this person confessed to me after I asked why she didn’t ask for my help earlier.

The crazy thing is that this person KNEW what I do.

She knew that I help highly ambitious professionals sell their skills so they can get paid their true value.

Yet, she didn’t ask for help.

This paradox about Human behavior drives a lot of sales people crazy!

Imagine your perfect client.

This person knows what you can do for them, needs your help but yet… doesn’t ASK for your help.


It’ simple…