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I Hope This Job Interview Goes Well

Have you ever caught yourself “hoping” that your upcoming job interview goes well?

Here’s the truth – if you’re ready for that job interview, you don’t need to “hope” for anything.

The goal of this article is to show you how to get ready so you don’t to be lucky… or hope that the stars are aligned in the sky.

1. Know the company and who will interview you

The more you know about the company that you’re apply for, the better your chances of actually demonstrating that you can help them.

See, you need to understand their goals and their problems.

This will be the key for you to catch their attention and show that you’re focused on delivering results.

2. First Impressions Matter!

The best thing you can wear for your job interview is an outstanding positive attitude.

The goal here is to make them want to have you around as someone that would greatly improve their team’s ability to produce.

Let’s face it – who wants to hang around with a person with a negative attitude? Or worse, who wants someone who has an average attitude?

If you show up with an attitude of service and total commitment to be successful, I guarantee you that any hiring manager would be impressed.

3. Be ready for their questions

You must have your answers ready, drilled and rehearsed for questions like the classic “what is your biggest weakness?“.

The reason why you want to do this BEFORE the interview is so you can be sure of HOW you will handle these questions without having to deal with the stress and rush of emotions that you’ll be feeling DURING the interview.

Here’s how you can get dominate the job interview

I recorded a series of training videos that show you exactly how you can leverage the job interview in a way that gets them sold on what you’re truly worth.

Go to and get started today with your training that will enable to sell your skills, you experience and your value.


Author: Bruno Coelho

I help highly ambitious professionals sell their skills, their experience and the value of their work so they can get paid their true value. I use a mix of Sales, Marketing and Psychology skills, learned from the best in the World and applied to my own career, to deliver this result to YOU. Training is the only way that you can improve your ability to get better results. Take action right now and let's get to work!

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