The Magic Of Customer Service in the Software Development World

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Let’s face it… ALL software has bugs, issues and problems.

Show me someone who says otherwise, and I’ll show you a bad consultant…

So if all software has bugs and even if it didn’t… even if you had this amazing piece of software with ZERO (NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE) bugs, wouldn’t you agree that someone had to ensure that the customers KNEW how to use that software?

Sooner or later, your customers will experience some kind of issue with your software. They will run into trouble!
So what will set you apart from your competition will be the way that you’ll HELP THEM WIN and overcome those challenges!

Who doesn’t love to feel like someone else is doing whatever it takes to help us being successful and overcome whatever challenges come our way? Well, that kind of experiences doesn’t happen by accident. These “magical” experiences happen because people with a CAN-DO attitude were hired and trained to deliver an OUTSTANDING Customer Experience!

On this video, I will show you the value of investing in training your people on delivering an outstanding customer service experience AND I will role-play a tough situation so you can see what I’m talking about.

Also, please share on the comments your own GREAT (and not so great) customer experiences.