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The Reason Why You’re Not Writing Your Cover Letter and Resume

I help highly ambitious professionals sell their skills and get paid their true value.

I do 30 mins strategy calls with them and often they tell me that they’ve been delaying writing their cover letter and their resume… for days (sometimes even weeks)!

They think that they’re just lazy… but it’s not true.

Maybe this is happening to you too!

I mean… YES, I can think of PLENTY of things that are way more FUN than writing cover letters and resumes.

However, I’m here to tell you that LAZINESS is not the REAL reason why your levels of procrastination are HIGH.

It’s lack of SKILLS not lack of MOTIVATION!

This is the truth – if you knew with total certainty what exactly you needed to write on your cover letter and resume to be called immediately for a job interview… you would do it, right?

But because you don’t know exactly what you must do to get results, you delay the decision to start.

Now, I’m here to help you get started.

I created an online video course called “By Me Journey” where I guide you, step by step, on how exactly you can write a highly persuasive cover letter.

I start with the basics (that an unbelievable amount of people miss), like what is the goal of writing a cover letter anyway or why you should even care about investing your time in writing it!

I wish that with this help, you can finally make progress!

Good luck!

Author: Bruno Coelho

I help highly ambitious professionals sell their skills, their experience and the value of their work so they can get paid their true value. I use a mix of Sales, Marketing and Psychology skills, learned from the best in the World and applied to my own career, to deliver this result to YOU. Training is the only way that you can improve your ability to get better results. Take action right now and let's get to work!

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