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Why You’re Not Asking For Help

“I was too embarassed to ask for your help.”

That’s what this person confessed to me after I asked why she didn’t ask for my help earlier.

The crazy thing is that this person KNEW what I do.

She knew that I help highly ambitious professionals sell their skills so they can get paid their true value.

Yet, she didn’t ask for help.

This paradox about Human behavior drives a lot of sales people crazy!

Imagine your perfect client.

This person knows what you can do for them, needs your help but yet… doesn’t ASK for your help.


It’ simple…

it’s because it’s your job to sell that person to take action.

This is the very reason why sales people will ALWAYS be needed.

If you’re waiting for your prospects to call you and say “please take my money”, you’ll be in BIG trouble.

You need to go out there, into the marketplace, demonstrate that you can actually help these people and help them make a decision.

Anyway, my point with all this is simple – you’re not using all your power if you’re not reaching out and ask for the help.

By the way, I’m here to help you!

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Author: Bruno Coelho

I help highly ambitious professionals sell their skills, their experience and the value of their work so they can get paid their true value. I use a mix of Sales, Marketing and Psychology skills, learned from the best in the World and applied to my own career, to deliver this result to YOU. Training is the only way that you can improve your ability to get better results. Take action right now and let's get to work!

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